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I heard a great interview with Channing Tatum on The Howard Stern Show.  Yep, I waited until I was in my 40’s (early 40’s) to find Howard. Now that I’ve found him, I’m never letting him go!  Which brings me back to the purpose of this post. Letting go and not attaching yourself to the end result.  

There was a movie that Channing wanted to audition for…I believe it was a Coen Brothers movie, “No country For Old Men.”  As you know, The Coen Brothers are great writers and directors.  There wasn’t a role in the film that fit Channing’s type but he begged for an audition anyway.  A chance to get in the room.  He got that chance and proceeded to coach and prep for it, all the while knowing his chances were slim to none because he didn’t fit the age range of the core actors. However, he knew that just getting in the room with The Coen Brothers would make him a better actor. Auditioning with great material, challenging himself with a different type of role and being given direction in the room from some of the best in the business was worth it. He knew deep down that he didn’t have a chance at getting the role and that made it the most freeing audition he has ever had.  I imagine it enabled him to truly be in the moment and ENJOY every second of the process.   No attachment to the end result.  How freeing!!


You can’t navigate this business with thoughts of…

“I hope they like me”

“I hope I book it”

“I hope it pays a lot”

“I hope . I hope. I hope”

Mis directed “I hopes” prevent you from enjoying yourself and the process.  It prevents you from enjoying every moment.  It prevents you from being you and YOU are what makes every audition a unique experience.  

Just to be clear, proceeding without attachment to the end result doesn’t mean that you just show up.  You still need to put in the work and a lot of it.  But always remember you are putting in the work  so that you are able to give it your best. That’s what we do when we care about something. That’s what we do when we have a passion for something.  We give it our all AND our best. The rest is up to the universe.

Oh and it looks like Channing ended up working with The Coen Brothers after all! http://www.eonline.com/news/704951/hail-caesar-has-george-clooney-channing-tatum-and-more-watch-the-trailer-now