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imagesIt’s pilot season and somewhere all across the country family’s are planning their approach to this season that has historically been known to make dreams come true.It’s an exciting time of year, filled with new opportunities, a rush of feelings and emotions, some joy and some heartache.  Taken from a page in Oprah’s handbook, below you will find a list of “What I know For Sure”–read, apply where needed and disregard if it sounds like the most ridiculous piece of advice you’ve ever heard.  My feelings won’t be hurt (well maybe a little)

  1. The definition of Pilot brought to you Wikipedia:  A television pilot (also known as a pilot or a pilot episode) is a standalone episode of a television series that is used to sell the show to a television network
  2. Pilot Season (a time period in which pilots are being produced) “traditionally” runs from January to April and sometimes into May.  Notice I threw in some fancy quotes around the word traditionally.  The most concentrated amount of pilots are still cast and shot during that period, BUT with cable networks and online streaming game changers like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime…pilot season continues to evolve with pilots and series pick-ups occurring year round.
  3. While the bulk of pilots being cast are in LA and NY, Chicago, SouthEastern states like Georgia, the Carolina’s and Louisiana have been and continue to be leaders in the game with a strong presence in the industry.
  4. Agents and managers have been preparing their client roster since last pilot season. Continuing to groom and cultivate their “A” talent.  Identifying the holes they have in their roster and proceeding on a quest to fill those holes.  They’re ready and they believe that their talent is ready.
  5. It’s hard to get reputation during Pilot Season.  Those are the facts.  Now I need you to do something for me.  Accept those facts for what they are. Okay, now that we got that out of the way, I also have this to say…NOTHING is impossible. Now, that’s not something I’ve always subscribed to, but I’ve been proven wrong too many times-so I’ve changed my perspective.  People HAVE been picked up by agents for representation during pilot season, EVEN at the end  of pilot season.  It happens.  It’s rare, but don’t stop trying, don’t stop preparing.  As long as you’re still moving forward, you’ll be ready for whenever the universe decides to align.  We have to have those miracle moments, after all those moments make the best couch stories for your first appearance on Fallon:)
  6. Taped auditions. Casting directors are continuing the trend of looking for talent all over.  This means more opportunities for those of us not sitting in the “HOTZONE” of the industry.  This also means that you have to be better than your best. Being “in the room” allows casting to see all of you–the material you prepared and your personality. Personality is such a vital part of your audition process, I can not stress that enough!  Since you may not have the luxury of being in the room, you have to make the most of your taped auditions.  Filling it with truth and personality.  Also, no sloppy tapes!  Casting doesn’t want to hear your dog in the background, your mom yelling the other lines, see you out of focus or framing…you get the idea.  
  7. Be ready. Make sure your headshots are Pilot Season ready. Your resume is updated AND professional. Check your alignments, typos and contact information. Presentation is everything.
  8. Take care of your mind, body and spirit. Eat right, exercise daily and sleep when you can(you’re going to need it).  
  9. Be prepared to work.  Be prepared to adapt. Be prepared to role with the punches! This is where the work you’ve been doing throughout the year (hopefully) really pays off. 
  10. Rejection is inevitable.  It’s how you receive it that really matters. Acknowledge it, embrace it and get back up.

Have a great Pilot Season!!  May the force be with you!!  Lol, I loved Star Wars, couldn’t resist!!!