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The Kinetic King’s got talent.  He’s talented, driven, and he get’s this business.  In case you haven’t been watching “America’s Got Talent”, the kinetic king has turned tongue depressor’s into art .  With these tongue depressor’s, many of them hand painted with vibrant colors by the kinetic king himself, he designs, creates and executes the biggest chain reaction I’ve ever seen.  Sort of like a big domino showdown.

Last week, the kinetic king and his art stumbled.  A performance that’s had me holding my breath every week, but at the same time, one I never thought would fail.  It failed on live TV.  Watching the kinetic king walk around to each section of his masterpiece trying to salvage what he could and figure out what went wrong was both heartbreaking and inspiring.  Heartbreaking because he’d spent almost 40 hours constructing this masterpiece and countless hours in general perfecting his craft, all for it to fail in less than 10 seconds.  Inspiring because he handled what he knew would be the end of his journey on America’s Got Talent with style and grace.  Often appearing more concerned with genuinely trying to figure out where things went wrong, to the point of almost completely forgetting about the camera and the fact that he was on live TV.  This is when the kinetic king won me over.

He’s passionate, he loves his craft and that for him is the greatest gift.  Working hard at something he loves and enjoying every minute of the ride.  I’m sure he was totally bummed about watching his chances to advance slip away, he may have even went home and cried in his pillow, but the way he handled his demise let me know that art and his love of it will always prevail.  This isn’t the last of the kinetic king.

Take a look at his final performance here…