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I had a chance to catch the January film slam @ The Enzian Theater in Orlando, FL.  For those of you that don’t know, Orlando is where I call home and where the wise words of this blog are born.  The Enzian Theater is home to independent and foreign films, it’s a great venue with a cool artist vibe.  One of my students had a starring role in the short film “SEE” by Dale Metz.  I found out this morning that “SEE” won first place at the slam, congrats to all involved!  The growth that I have seen in my student over the last few years makes me a PROUD mama and I couldn’t be happier for her.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably know that it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t walk away with a message worth passing along.  The message was simple…enjoy each moment.  Don’t look behind you, don’t look in front of you, focus on where you are because everything that you’ve done  up until that moment has got you to this point.  This message comes directly from the lead singer of the group SNAFU a local Orlando band, Snafu was the subject of the documentary short Situation Normal: A Film about SNAFU, which came in third at the slam.

If more of us stayed in the moment, we might make more of them instead of letting them pass us by.  Don’t think about the audition you had yesterday or the one you hope to have tomorrow.  Focus on giving your all to the one you have today.