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The Hollywood Complex “Every year, thousands of children flock to Hollywood from across the United States. They come dreaming of stardom – or at least a big break during ‘pilot season’, the traditional spring casting period for new television shows. Many stay at the Oakwood Apartments, a temporary housing complex that caters to ‘showbiz kids’. THE HOLLYWOOD COMPLEX follows half a dozen Oakwood families as they navigate tremendous financial, professional, and personal obstacles in pursuit of fame and fortune. By turns hilarious and heartbreaking, THE HOLLYWOOD COMPLEX shows the determination – and the delusion – behind the dream”   www.thehollywoodcomplex.com.

My truth’s…

TRUTH:  There’s something about this documentary that makes you want to run as far away from this business as you can, run until you bump into the land of the sane and the sea of the good.

TRUTH:  There’s something about this documentary that makes it impossible for you to turn away.

TRUTH:  One hour and twenty-five minutes later and my mouth is still open.

TRUTH:  I love this business.  I love kids who choose to be in this business.  I love sane parents.  I love qualified professionals who are there to guide you on this journey.

TRUTH:  I saw talented children who weren’t ready for pilot season, but with a little more time, experience and training-could come back the following year and see success.

TRUTH:  I saw kids and parents who carried a sense of entitlement that will forever  be a barrier to their success.

TRUTH:  I saw kids that screamed “it factor” and the follow-up one year later validated what my gut told me.

TRUTH:  I saw qualified professionals sharing advise and words of wisdom.  I saw parents who didn’t listen.

TRUTH:  I saw unqualified professionals ready to steal your dreams and your money.

TRUTH:  I saw people with stars in their eyes and blinders on.

TRUTH:  I saw the potential destruction of families, relationships and reputations.

TRUTH:  Be ready.  Be prepared.  When you get that audition, meeting, callback…you have to be ready mentally and physically.  You have to be armed with great training, a sound foundation, support system and the ability to see what’s right in front of you in addition to the big picture.   Those opportunities are far and few between, but they do come around.  If you’re not ready, that ship will sail without you.

TRUTH:  I saw flaws, I saw promise.

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