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I’ve been reflecting on this quote for a few hours.  I got a great new book of meditation quotes.  “One Year Wiser”–365 Illustrated Meditations by Mike Medaglia.  I was so excited for January 1st to arrive!  Once it was here, I could start my daily quotes that I’ve wanted to start since Christmas!  So this morning I opened my book, tea in hand and ready to hit the ground running AND I get this.  



I was hoping it would start with something that didn’t require me to think too much. I like thinking, but I have a tendency to overthink and obsess. Which is what began to happen with this day one quote.  Upon reading these seven  words about 20 times, from different angles, lighting, seating locations,  etc… AND after coming up short of a meaning that would satisfy my quest to have a profound revelation on this first day of 2016—I decided to visit my wise old friend “GOOGLE”—This is where things started to spiral. BUT, seeing as though it’s a new year,  I decided to take another approach. I chose to leave it alone and let it speak to me when it was ready.  I moved on and stopped thinking about it completely.  I think it worked, because here I am typing away.  

Wondering what I came up with?

Profound?  Not profound enough? 

I believe that “The Only Journey Is The One Within”–means something different to each of us.

 It’s personal.

 It’s your perspective.

 It’s what matters to you.

 It’s your moments.

 Your choices.

 Your journey.

 It comes from inside you aka it’s internal.

Upon further review, I now realize that this is the perfect way to start 2016.  For me this means I have control.  I have control of my choices, good or bad.  I have control over the way things affect me or don’t affect me.  I have control of my actions or lack of actions.  I can’t think of a better person to be on this journey with than me.  Yes, there will be others along your journey, important others…those who will support you, challenge you, tell you no, tell you you’re not worthy, lift you up and knock you down.  What all of these things have in common are that they are external.  We can’t control what happens externally, but focusing on the journey within , makes whatever comes at you little easier.  Profound.