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“The best way to deal with failure is to go on and try to do something bigger,”  these are the words of The Kinetic King.  I love his outlook, but that shouldn’t surprise you because he had me at hello:)  If you read my earlier post (I hope you did) on the man and act that found a place in the hearts of so many, you know exactly who The Kinetic King is.

After his gut wrenching stick bomb malfunction and eviction from America’s Got Talent, The Kinetic King was brought back last week as a wild card and given the chance to fight for a place in the semi-finals.  In his most elaborate stunt to date, I like countless other’s held our breath while we watched, anticipated and hoped for the best.  According to HollywoodJunket.com a special audience was brought in prior to the show’s main taping to support the king and what many feared would be his last attempt to share his art and talent with us.

It’s hard not to love the King.  He is what most of us wish we were.  Fearless and not afraid of taking chances to do what we love, what we believe in.  After a successful mission during the wildcard show, an audience favorite from the beginning, the King was chosen to move on to the semi-finals. It’s a true case of , maybe nice guys don’t always finish last.  There has to be something about the King, after hearing the results of the show even Piers Morgan the ultimate buzzer jumped on stage to pay homage to the king.  I’m not sure if he’ll win it all including his own show in Vegas, but I do know he’ll never be forgotten.  INSPIRING to say the least.

Here’s a peek at the King in action, ENJOY!!