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The ability to adapt…if you HAVE it great.  If you don’t, well…let’s see what we can do about that.

As an actor, the ability to adapt to any and every situation is a huge factor in the level of success you obtain.  Here are a few tips…

Adapting  & Auditions:  Every casting director is different.  You’ll meet some that care about you and everything about you…your home life, school life, grandmother and mother.  Then you’ll have some who never give you more than a hello.  You should be prepared to adapt to whoever you come face to face with.  Observe the vibe and culture of the casting office you’ve just entered.  Stay in the moment even if you’ve been there before.  Never become too comfortable.  Your only job is to show up, be professional and do your best.  Don’t let what’s happening in the waiting room or on the other side of the table distract you from your mission.

How well do you work with others?:  In some instances you may be required to audition with a partner or partners.  No matter how much you prepare prior to your audition, whenever there’s someone else involved you should be prepared for the unexpected. What if the person auditioning along side you bombs, do you bomb too? What if they take over the room, do you quietly retreat to the nearest corner and let them?  The ability to adapt will help you hold your ground and hold onto your throne.

Master the cold read:  The script you prepared changes.  You’re given another one on the spot.  Do you freeze or take the challenge?  You’re stomach may be doing back flips, you’ve left your reading glasses at home or you have no idea how to breakdown your script and character in just a few minutes.  Practice cold reading.  Practice the art of taking material that you’ve never seen before and delivering it like you’ve worked on it for days.