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Rejection comes in many shapes and colors.  There’s no escaping it, it’s a fact of life and it’s okay.  Rejection in the entertainment business in my opinion is amongst the hardest to deal with , process, and bounce back from.  In order to be a great actor you have to be vulnerable.  Being vulnerable puts you on the frontline, ready for praise, criticism, and rejection.  Most people believe they can handle it until they get their first dose.  Like any horrible medicine, the first dose is always the hardest to swallow.  You put yourself out there and some stranger has basically told you that you’re not good enough.  Right? Sort of…

In some instances they may be telling you that you’re not good enough.  True, you may not be.at.that.time.  Does that mean you can’t get better?  Certainly not, there’s always room for growth…especially for those who are willing to put in the time and effort. There are other variables in the audition/rejection game.  You may have had the best audition of your life, yet you have the wrong hair color.  You may have had the best audition of your life, yet you don’t match the person they’ve already settled on for the co-starring role.  You may have had the best audition of your life, yet there’s something about the way you twitch your nose when you laugh.  My point is…you NEVER know what the reason for not getting a role is, so stop guessing.  You’ll make yourself sick doing so.

As a casting director, I believe in giving feedback when I can.  Sometimes a good audition, not so good audition or a dramatically improved audition will prompt me to make a follow-up call.  At times, your agent/manager will call for specifics on your audition.   If you’re lucky, you’ve got one of those people on your team.  If you’re not so lucky, well don’t worry each one of us has the ultimate guide within us.  YOUR INSTINCTS.  I’m well aware of how well I’ve done or haven’t done with particular task….I’m very self-aware.  You have to be.  Feedback from a QUALIFIED professional is important for your growth, without it the road ahead may be even more challenging. However if you’re self-aware, you won’t have to wait for others to tell you everything:)

My question for you is are you ready for rejection?  Are you open and receptive to taking it, swallowing it, and processing it no matter how it’s disguised?