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My brain is always on the lookout for great words of wisdom or things that might enrich my life or the lives of those I touch.  While watching one of the few reality tv programs I will give my attention to featuring America’s favorite twins, TIA & TAMERA I was struck by something Tamera said. While meeting with her publicist and strategizing about her future Tamera acknowledged that she would really like to step up her acting game.  She had just taking an acting class and she fell in love with acting all over again.   Well known, successful, by all accounts someone who’s “made it” and yet she knows that she’s not done learning and she’s willing to do the work to take her career to the next level.

For those of you that don’t know Tia & Tamera Mowry rose to fame at an early age.  Most remember them as the stars of “Sister Sister,” where there portrayed twins Tia and Tamera Landry.  Over the years they’ve starred and guest starred in countless projects, the sisters are all grown up and taking on the next stage of the their careers.  Re-branding, re-building and evolving.

Starting off as a successful child actor can be fantastic.  However as adults, most however find themselves thrust in the mix of no longer being a child, but having a hard time with others recognizing that.  Watching Tia and Tamera re-brand themselves as adult actresses, entrepreneurs, wives and mothers is a great lesson for us all.  Even with years of success behind you, it’s still a struggle.  It’s still a grind.  You must continue to grow and in order to do that you must stay in a constant state of learning.  Learning your craft, learning what team to surround yourself with and learning who you are.  Thanks Tia and Tamera for sharing your journey with us, the highs and lows.