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Courage and Resilience 

COURAGEI popped in on my Saturday Acting 101 class taught by my right hand Julia.  Julia has spoken so highly of this class for weeks, I was looking forward to meeting them and seeing firsthand all of the hard work they had been putting in.

During the class, one of the students got upset after multiple attempts to get past her fears and deliver her monologue.  

What I saw next is what I love most about the courage that kids are born with. After talking to Julia and giving herself time to process things she came back in.  She came back in with a smile.  She came back in ready to work.  She did not let one moment affect the rest of her class and the class didn’t allow that one moment to affect how they feel about her or the work they needed to do in order to finish their day.  

I hope they remember this day whenever they are in a new situation, trying something outside of their comfort zone or just having an off day.  I hope they remember what courage and resilience looks like. 

The courage to fail and the resilience to get back up.