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This business is all about first impressions.

Many of you market yourselves through a variety of ways.  Social media, websites, postcards, and emails.  I recently received an unsolicited email from an actor.  I can tell you that my first impression of this aspiring actor was not good and I can only imagine that many of the people on his mailing list share my sentiment.

It wasn’t what he said, it was what I saw.  As an actor your headshot or compcard (if you’re looking for print work) is your resume.  That said, it’s probably not the best idea to send pictures of you with no shirt, in a mirror posing like you’re in a body building contest.  Also, probably not in your best interest to  send pictures of yourself doing the duckface.

Think before you click send.  Casting directors, producers, directors, acting coaches…we have fantastic memories.