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I spent some time catching up on the Emmy’s last night, mainly for the speeches since by now we all know who the winners are.

I loved that so many of my favorites were winners, but one of my FAVORITE moments of the night were the words of advice that Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet left us with during his acceptance speech.  Mr. Stonestreet gave a huge shout-out to all of his fellow actors with 5pm auditions in Santa Monica( A metaphor for how challenging the business can be and the truth as most LA actors can attest to, especially with LA traffic).  He let them know that he made every single one of those auditions and because of that he is standing where he is today. Moral of the story, committment and dedication even when you can’t see what’s at the end of road will lead you to success.

Congrats Mr. Stonestreet on a job and speech well done!